Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No TV for me

Ooh! Oprah... my favorite. She was on Tivo and the topic was on Motherhood. Yes!! I was so excited to see it on my list that I immediately pushed play. Knowing full well that it may not pan-out, but a girl can try. Plus, in the moment, it seemed like I had an opportunity to snag, what with Dhruv on my left, breastfeeding. Elyse in the highchair working magic with with her beloved Play-Doh. I had room temp coffee left over from this morning (but, hey it's caffiene, so I'm not complaining) and I was flanked by two massive piles of laundry. I thought it was a fine idea to press play. Yes, I will watch Oprah today.

You know, sometimes I get so caught up in my days that it takes a while to wrap my head around the changes happening around me. Like TV. It's taken back-seat to kiddie programs. For goodness sake, my husband just got us another Tivo, cause we're loaded with cartoons on the one we have. I enjoyed TV when I had one baby. In fact, that's when I ramped up on couch-remote-TV time, what with the all-day nursing and late nights. Now, that I have two babies, or one baby and one toddler, TV is not making its way into my day. Well, I should say, my TV programs aren't making their way into the day. I could tell you all about The Backyardigans, Dora, Miss Spider, Little Einsteins, etc. Me and Noggin are like rice and beans - very familiar with each other, thank you very much. I LOVE the Backyardigans. The music is so great. They're nice to each other, and they do fun things. We memorize the tunes and totally integrate them into our day & night. They've got some sweet lullabies, but anyway, I digress.

So.... right, everyone's got something to play with, eat, and drink (my poor dog still hadn't gotten her breakfast yet. She has taken a big hit with the arrival of these babies - the guilt!!).

Alright - 1, 2, 3... GO! I pushed play at 10:15am. Then a few minutes into it, Elyse wanted to switch her play-doh color, "Mommy? No more geen. Wipe, Mommy... pleeeeease.". Me, "Ok, baby....". (Push pause). After we rolled-up all the chunks and specs of green, we swapped it out for white, as she requested. Ok, cool. Here we go... (Pressed play). Ooo! Some of my favorite bloggy ladies are on - how fun!! Oh! "Maaaammmmaaaaa....". (Push pause). "Yes, honey-bunches-of-Ohs...", "Make me wormies, pleeeeease". So with one arm & hand free, I fashion a white worm-looking shape between my hand and thigh. She asks for a whole family of wormies, I mean worms, with a Mommy, Daddy, big Sister and baby Brother. So I give it a whirl, and it's a cute little family, if I may say so myself. I wonder how long it's going to take to watch this show, even if it's only half-way listening. When I've got the wormie family complete, she reaches her hand out to me and says, "Tank you, Mommy. I lub yoo sooo much. I lub wormies too!". "I love you, too, baby girl, soooo much!". (Pressed play).

It was time to switch boobs for baby boy, (Push pause). I clumsily swapped sides, and in the process, a precariously perched pile of just-folded and still warm laundry toppled onto the floor. Oy!! Suddenly, my little guy was sounding like a 4 piece band, and I felt a rather quick spreading of warm... I looked down and his 3rd blow-out for the day painted my 3rd pair of sweat pants, but hey, my pants were already a little sticky from the play-doh. I've got a pair of clean sweats right next to my foot! No need to run up stairs - score! Small victories are soooo sweeet. I used about 8 wipes and a trip to the sink to give him a wash down. Poor guy had mustard yellow poop all the way up to his shoulder blades. Why do boys leak so much? I never washed so many poopified outfits with my little gal. I tell you, I average 2 a day! I don't understand?? Is it his anatomy that pushes the rather loosey-goosey contents up the back of the diaper? Maybe it's the cheaper brand diaper I'm trying? Ok, TMI. Or, not. Anyway, fresh diaper. Check. Fresh clothes. Check. Gotta hand-wash his poopy clothes, but later. I've got Oprah. For now... he's dry, happy, full. Cool. Oprah? Oh, then he smiles at me with those bright blue eyes, and my heart melts.

So, it was 12:10pm by now. Time for lunch. Sorry, Oprah.

I could go on about these kinda details, but Elyse just woke up from her nap - with the cranks. Time for snuggles on the couch.

Suffice it to say that I have a tentative date with Oprah tonight. I'm so excited to see her ditty on being a Mom. I betchya it'll sound a lot like this post :)

P.S. I need a shower.

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  1. My heart was racing just reading this and I though maybe I needed to change my sweat pants too. I give you credit girlfriend and will hopefully looking back at these entries one day for moral support! Your blog is a great read and look at the child...he is goooorrrrrgeous, poop and all!! xoxo - Brooke