Monday, March 16, 2009

Tidying up

After E's nap today, I brought her downstairs. I whispered, "Shhh... baby boy's sleeping." She nodded and we tip-toed over to the big red couch for quiet book time. I read my Twilight book for like 15 minutes or so. She read her Dr. Seuss ABC mini book, one of my faves, for sure. We each had a yogurt drink - and put them on the coffee table when we were done. Some time later, probably like 15 minutes later, she stood up and took both empty plastic bottles to the kitchen and put them in the garbage. All by herself. Woa! I told you, E rocks! How cute is that? I caught a glimpse of her walking purposefully to the kitchen. When she returned she had the sweet smile of pride. She was very pleased with herself, and me too:) ILYEJ.

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