Monday, March 16, 2009

A King in my dreams

My poor husband and I are outgrowing our bed. Well, we aren't, but we are when the monkeys are in it! We have a queen size, relatively new and I tell you this. We don't need a new bed. But I'm having visions of a king. I think about it all the time. While I brush my teeth, I think, "We could totally fit a King in our room, if we knock a wall down.". While I'm drinking my morning cup of joe, I think, "I'd love to get a temperpedic". When I'm making dinner, I think, "Yeah, it'd be nice to have a big 'ol bed with new sheets and s-p-a-c-e to lay on my back with a few inches on either side of me.". I'm dreaming about a bigger bed, too. The deal is, we are being squished-up in between our little ones. Our two year old has been moonlighting in our bed most nights lately. She knows her little brother is sleeping in our room, so this is incentive enough to join the club. Even when we return her to her own room & bed, albeit reluctantly in the middle of the night, she'll come again later, or try again the next night. Our 5 month old still takes residence in our bed a few times each night, quenching his thirst for Mommy's milk. This morning at about 3:20, I had visions of a sandwich. Me, as cheddar cheese, and him, as salami... nestled in between our babies, as two hearty pieces of whole-wheat bread. My left hemisphere had gone numb (except for the sciatica) from snoozing on it for hours, so I tried to turn onto my other side, but I couldn't get enough space to make that happen so I embraced my numb side, stared at the ceiling and listened to the symphony of post-nasal drip snoring and the humidifier's hum. Truth is, I don't think we could get a king to fit up our staircase. And even if we could, our room isn't sized for a king bed. It just doesn't make sense. So, what to do? Plan: Get sleep! We've GOT TO get our toddler back into her bed. And I've GOT TO return the baby into his bassinet after he nurses. For goodness sake, I'm on to something! Yawwwn.

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